City Greens Co – Alisha Sharma

The concept of City Greens Co has been developed to satisfy the luncheon needs of Australian city workers, in a great environment that provides an escape from the workplace. Our salads are all chef designed to provide a nutritious balanced meal. The menu is focused on nutrient dense organic super foods, consisting of freshly prepared salads and vegetables mixed with old world grains, topped with organic proteins, all individually prepared and dressed.

All menu items are organic wherever possible, locally sourced and gluten free.

A range of guilt free raw treats, cold pressed juices and kombucha are also available.

Help us to tread lightly on the planet by disposing of your wrappers correctly. Sustainability is a core focus of City Greens Co; we aim to achieve a zero carbon footprint.

Our Mission:

Our mission is to sustain Australian city workers with a meal that is both delicious, and nutritious. We source locally grown organic produce wherever possible in an effort to connect local suppliers to the city, with a farm to table approach.

Work with us as we implement various strategies to create a zero carbon footprint business.

Our stores:

Our stores use recycled building products where possible, and our store designs are all site responsive. We aim to create an environment that provides a genuine break from the workplace.