City Bicycle Racing Mania Pro – Muhammad Qasim


What if I challenge you in competitive offroad city cycling? Feel easy! it is not a shocking call to terrified you indeed Extreme Bicycle City Racing 3D 2017 is an entertaining journey with master cycle riders on extreme city highway.

Extreme Bicycle City Racing 3D 2017 is the most finest production of cycling world to select one hero among the super rivals. The life of big city is going to have fun and healthy game play round to get out from their chaotic routines. The full speed roadway cycle riding is a real title winning battle to show valur and cycling art. The speedy contest is no less than a warriors’ fighting ground.. A leading highway racers’ battle which ask to run for name.

Undoubtedly bicycle racing is low price and convinient game of all sport championships. So the 3D offroad bicycle simulator is inviting you to knockout your competitors in extreme city highway cycle tournament and take advantage of Real Master cycle adventure.

Road wheeling is a dream of passionate sportman and this 3D hero cycle race is satisfying the urge of faster road cycler in sense of providing chance to take part in various missions of riding. Although the cycling is the most easy game but yet it need consistency of temperament and application of skills. The hero is infect in critical position who are bound to beat his way enemies. This is a play of senses which consider every aspect of journey quite important.

The thrilling cycling tournament is actually an energetic appearance of rider against alloted time and other runners. Lets take dive into wheeling show and drift your cycle as speedy as possible. Polish your cycling art and win first mission and call the others if they are dare to come with you in next stage???
The journey of road is not limited it is addictive game to arouse your interest to see what come next. The 3D cycle offroad simulator consist on five different levels with amazing city environment to have the feeling of real world. The end of every stage is not end but it is beginning of new shiny master round.

Extreme Bicycle City Racing 3D 2017 Faetures
– full command offroad cycle race
– Awesome highway city cycling round
– Exceptional riding tracks and locations
– Fast speed rival beating challenge
– Smooth 3d graphics to enjoy real wheeling
– Varried and interesting competition missions
– Actuall race sound and musical ride
– Timely access at finishing point
– Decorated roads with coins and gems
– Enertaining sound all the way
– Amazing fight in funny battle

How to Play
Here are some points to read for playing game
– select the cycle and choose the level to paly
– use accelerator present on screen to run fast
-Tap on break to slow down or stop the cycle
– follow the arrows to move on
– Tilt the phone left or right to move in same direction
– collect coins and other onject to bosst up the speed
– open other levels to enjoy fully