Christmas ghost. Scary nights – Rufiya Latysheva


Meet the best horror game of the new 2018.


This game will not leave anyone indifferent. It is a real test of nerves. If you are not afraid of Freddy Krugger and mad clown, then try to spend a few terrible nights with scary Ghost of Christmas.

The office of the company “Five Star Systems” celebrated Christmas party. Michael told all the staff a story about the ghost of Christmas, which climbs out of TV and begins to look for a victim: soul of which he can take away. Before the appearance of the ghost, the phone starts to ring. The ghost wanders till the morning (about 7 am). Scare off a ghost can only fire (or fireworks).

All the employees laughed at this story. But this story turned out to be a terrible truth. And to experience this story had a young guard at the office – Peter Parker.

Every night at midnight the phone starts ringing and there is a terrible inhuman hiss. Using a security camera, Peter saw that a ghost appeared from the TV and began to wander around the office.
The ghost can appear only from four sides. It is necessary, with the help of nine (9) security cameras, to determine from which side the ghost comes and throw fireworks at him. When the fireworks hit the ghost, the ghost dissolves and starts again from the TV. Peter needs to hold out for 5 nights, and then the ghost let him free.

Help Peter to hold out and not let the ghost take his soul away. On the site of Peter may be each.

In Game:
– 3D graphics
– Horror game
– Scare nights
– Puzzle game
– Strategy game
– Free

Download free horror game and help to spend terrible scary nights in the office with a ghost of Christmas

Very difficult to win in this game. Explore the map office. Throw a flare as soon as you hear the hiss of a Ghost.