Christmas – Animated Stickers – Rebecca Wickes

. : 100% Animated Stickers! : .

18 Christmas-themed stickers for iMessage. Festive, holiday fun!

Featuring lovable favorites like the gingerbread man, a Santa hat, snowflakes, and a reindeer. Also some fun text/words stickers that you can use as responses, like “Merry Christmas” and “Happy Pawlidays”

AUTOMATICALLY ADDED to your iMessage app drawer after download

. : Instructions : .

• Tap a sticker once to send with your iMessage

• Tap & hold a sticker to drag onto iMessages and photos in your conversation

• Use two fingers to rotate and expand the size (make bigger)

. : About Me : .

Did you know that at the “big tech” companies, women make up only 15% of tech roles? I’m hoping to change that!

I appreciate your support and reviews.

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