ChittaChatta – christopher durand

Join or start conversations about your favorite TV shows and episodes. Chat while streaming, and discuss big moments with friends – regardless of whether you can watch at the same time. Get suggestions for new TV shows to watch based on shows you’ve already enjoyed, and receive recommendations from friends. Browse & explore to discover new favorites. Get notified when TV shows on your watchlist will be airing.

* Talk about key moments in TV show episodes with friends while you stream (no need to watch at the same time!)
* Discuss entire TV series’ or individual episodes with people that share your same interests

* Receive recommendations from friends for what to watch next
* Get suggestions for new shows based on those you’ve previously enjoyed
* Easily find TV shows similar to those you like
* Create a watchlist and receive notifications when shows of interest will air
* Browse your favorite genres for shows that TV goers love

* Build a network of friends to watch & chat with
* View friends’ top-rated shows