Chihuahua Puppy Pet Simulator – Evgeny Chaikin


Do you love animal simulators? Check our pet dog survival simulator, enjoy the detailed life of small chihuahua dog and have fun! Try Chihuahua Puppy Pet Simulator right now!

Become one of the cutest pet animals all over the world! Be a nice and funny puppy, grow up to the adult stallion, befriend with your owners and have fun! Explore this large house and garden, unravel all of its secrets and beware of large mutt dog roaming here!

Chase bugs and cockroaches to feed on them, but avoid spiders – their poison is too dangerous for your small and weak body! And, of course, there are many stray cats and other dogs here – you can fight them or make friends!

Find another chihuahua, lead it to your comfortable living place, mate and raise your own family of cute little puppies! Keep yourself alert all the time and be ready to protect all your family from the cruel predators attacks! Don’t forget to mind your health, food and energy indicators – if one of them drops, you may find yourself with one paw in a grave!

Earn points for each successfully done mission and power up your cute pet dog’s skills, making it more dexterous, speedy and healthier! Unlock different colorful skins to customize your chihuahua as you really wish – longhair apple head, shorthair deer head or even panda painted – check it all!
Start the game as a funny puppy of chihuahua dog! Live the whole life cycle of a pet, raise up your own puppies and enjoy the whole life of this beautiful home pet with Chihuahua Puppy Pet Simulator!

Chihuahua Puppy Pet Simulator features:
• Amazing pet life simulator – be a chihuahua dog!
• Wide range of interesting surviving missions
• Unlockable skins to customize your home pet
• Wonderful 3D graphics