Cheese Bible – LiLi Ma

‘Cheeses Bible’ has the most comprehensive cheeses type in the world. There are more than 1100 types and 30 categories included in this App.

Cheese is a dairy product made from the curds of milk that have been separated from the whey. The curds form a firm substance that is aged to create added flavor. There are hundreds of varieties of fresh and aged cheese made in a variety of countries. Many cheeses are made with ingredients and processes that exist only in the particular region in which the cheese originated.

In this app, you will find out cheeses from all over the world. The app include many cheeses types such as cow, goat, sheep, blue cheeses, washed-rind, cheddar, cream, feta, soft, hard etc. For each cheese type, you will see the information about history, country of origin, family, flavor, producers. This App will help you to learn more knowledge about cheeses. There is one major picture to help you to know what the cheese looks like. You could learn more from many pictures of the species by click the major pictures.

By using the search feature, you could quickly find the cheese type by its name or alias. The search is not necessary to be accurate, the app will show you all cheeses types based on your search word. The detail content page contains all the information you may care about. The app also support iOS search, you could search from iOS search bar directly.

We support English, French, Chinese and Spanish for now. You could easily get information from different cultures for the same cheese type.

Want to know more about cheeses? Download it. This is a comprehensive, illustrated encyclopedia of cheeses.