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Chasing Tail Fishing App

Want to catch more fish? Find fishing charters, guides and accommodation in your area. Or what tactics to use? Open Chasing Tail and interact with other fisherman in your area!

CHASING TAIL – The fishing app that helps you catch more fish.

Find the best fishing destinations, charters, guides and accommodation. Interact with other fisherman, post and brag about your catches!

Set the types of fishing that interest you, set your location and get searching!

Chasing Tail covers 9 categories of fishing:

• Artificial Lure – Freshwater
• Artificial Lure – Salt Water
• Carp
• Deep Sea
• Drone
• Fly Fishing
• Kayak Fishing
• Rock & Surf
• Spear Fishing


• Create your own profile.
• Log your catches.
• Create user ads.
o Want to go fishing on Sunday morning and your friends are busy? Post ad here.
o Need crew on your boat? Post ad here.
o Going out on your kayak, and looking for someone to fish? Post ad here.
o Fishing tackle to sell? Post ad here.
o You get the gist of it, now run with it…
• Search user ads.
o Find out what the rest of the community is up to and grab those opportunities to go fishing or buy new equipment.
• Search other user catches.
• You can like other user’s content; and other users can like yours.
• Find top fishing venues and accommodation.
• Find fishing charters near you.
• Find fishing guides near you.
• Find tackle and boat shops near you.
• Login with Facebook

You will also be able to interact with other fisherman through the in-app messaging and receive notifications when someone likes one of your posts. Users can also choose to have their phone number visible on their profile, or not.

The best of both worlds
• Chasing Tail serves consumers, and businesses

Businesses are able to market their offerings on the app to the Chasing Tail Community.
Businesses are able to utilize Google Maps on their profiles
Businesses can sign up with Chasing Tail using three marketing packages:
• Free
• Starter
• Premium

We want to provide you with the best fishing experience, so we have enabled a review system where you can leave a review and rating of your experience using businesses within the app.

Chasing Tail clocks in as the only fishing app in the world with its unique mixture of developments and designs, amalgamating features we know and love from Insta, FB, Gumtree etc.)

Chasing Tail uses a HybridApp Technology.

Chasing Tail has been in development since August 2019; and because we are in our early days there might be a bug or two, but we can assure these will be ironed out over time. We welcome any feedback as to how we can improve, and provide our users with the best experiences possible.