Change – Overdraft Protection – Change Labs Inc.


Powered by Artificial Intelligence, trained by analyzing millions of bank transactions and financial situations to date, Change automatically stays on top of and protects your bank account at all times. Change’s important mission is to improve your daily cash flow – a critical component to reach financial success.


Change constantly analyzes daily transactions, looking for important clues and insights to determine your spending habits, recurring subscriptions, upcoming bills and more – and takes actions such as protecting your account from overdrafts or finding opportunities for you to save.

Powerful Predictions That Prevent Bank Account Overdraft Fees:
With Predictive Overdraft Protection™, we’ll make sure you have enough money to protect your balance from an overdraft fee. When Change predicts a potential overdraft situation (up to 4 days in advance), you’ll get a text alert warning you about the upcoming risk – and if qualified, we’ll offer you an interest-free cash advance to avoid that annoying overdraft fee.

Avoid Biller Late Fees:
Change keeps an eye on your recurring payments and knows in advance when bills are due. Similar to Predictive Overdraft Protection, we’ll make sure to notify you in advance if a recurring bill will put your bank account negative – and if qualified, we’ll offer you an interest-free cash advance to pay the bill and avoid a late fee and overdraft.

Saving Just Became One Less Thing You Have To Worry About:
Turn on the smart Auto-Savings functionality that detects spare money in your account – and transfers it to a secure savings account – so you’ll have something to fall back on when that rainy day comes. It’s amazing how quickly that emergency fund builds up.

Change Helps You Stay On Track Financially:
Change sends you pleasant little nudges via SMS or Facebook Messenger, to encourage you to spend more wisely and stay on track financially. No annoying messages that you are buying too many lattes – just a few to keep you in the know.


– Overall winner of the 2017 BBVA Open Talent Competition (Madrid, Spain Oct. 2017)
– Winner of the 2017 BBVA Open Talent Artificial Intelligence Competition (Copenhagen, Denmark June 2017)


Change is an Artificial Intelligence that helps people with their personal finances, mainly focusing on creating positive cash flow, a critical component of achieving financial stability and success. We are a group of Behavioral Experts and Data Scientists that are transforming personal finance from being a stressful, never-ending, and dull experience into a fully autonomous, easy and delightful daily experience while building for the future. That is why we decided to build an Artificial Intelligence that works behind the scenes to make sure you are on track financially, and never spiral out of control.