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Chakras | Path to Nirvana

The Chakras symbolize the cosmic circles in astral anatomy according to the rich Buddhist zen (Dhyana) and Hindu spiritual tradition of mastering the yantras through meditative processes to break the cycle of life and death.

The game is designed to pacify your fidgety mind by testing your concentration skills at every level representing the figurative chakras. As the stages improve the player needs to maintain and we measure it through evaluation metrics showing the performance of your mind. The takeaway of this game is therefore your peace of mind and applies to all ages.

If you are going to relax yourself this game is surely going to manage your level of anxiety with the audio-visual treat for your soul and senses. There are in total 108 chakra levels to be achieved and as you clear each stage you will find your attention level enhancing, which will test your power of concentration.

The game is set in a tranquil monastery of a serene natural backdrop. The monk in meditative trance will offer blessings whenever you fail and after every level, you can get your mind score sheet with data monitoring your level of perfection, the number of trials utilized, your failure metering your anxiety and you can always improve on it.

Game Features:
* Multiple Chakra Levels For Solo Mind Mapping.
* Soothing to the eyes and ears helps to quieten your restless soul.
* Levels are easy to achieve with a meditative mind.
* The chakras of varied shapes, forms, and rotating speed test your level of concentration.
* The motif and theme of the game are purely Indian with a spiritual flavor for all who can feel the peace.
* The psychoanalytical meters after each level provides the statistics of your level of attention and anxiety.
* The best part is that the game can be played multiple times for the self-meditative.