Cat’s Cam: selfie of your pet – Vladimir Grishman

Is your pet so cute that you want to photograph it all the time? But he runs, jumps without interruption and the photos are blurry and ugly?
This problem is very easy to fix! Our versatile pet camera captures your pet’s attention and concentrates it on your phone screen.
Now you can get many cute and beautiful photos effortlessly in just a few seconds. Selfie mode is available not only to you, but also to your pet!
A variety of points will never bother your pet, and will always be able to interest and entertain him.

How to use the camera:
• Place your iPad or iPhone on a flat surface next to your pet or place it on your lap;
• Choose the point that you like best;
• Enjoy the photo of your pet chasing a laser pointer, mice, fish, birds or insects!

Why do you need a cat camera?

* Adjust the parameters so that your friend is always interesting and not boring;
* Choose any point that you and your pet like;
* Adjust the color and speed of the moving point;
* Play pet game without photo mode;
* Enjoy the gallery with quality photos of your pet;
* Save the best photos for yourself
* Share cute photos on social media

Our app does not contain a subscription!
You can use it absolutely free.

The game “Cat Camera” helps your pet develop attentiveness and train hunting skills, which he lacks so much during his life in the city.