CardCard – Script Foundry


CardCard is a fast, highly focused flashcard app. Make your own decks. Enter word lists on your phone or hop on the nearest PC and do it there. Practice with realistic-looking cards. Lock in your learning with regular tests.

What’s different about CardCard?

• Flashcards look and behave like real cardboard flashcards
• Edit your cards quickly and securely on any PC that has an Internet connection
• No subscription fees, no recurring charges, no hidden costs and NO ADS!
• True respect for your privacy: no social media logins, no user tracking and (did we mention?) no ads –you’re not for sale and no one is watching over your shoulder.
• Two or more devices? No problem. Synchronize your progress across multiple devices.
• Proud of your decks? Share your hard work with other users.

We built this app because we couldn’t find an app that did what we wanted most: an easy editor for word lists, realistic flash cards, and actual respect for privacy. And we want to continue building the best flashcard app we can. See a feature you really want? See something we could do better? Don’t stay quiet! Let us know now! Seriously! We really want your feedback!