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Yuan Fu - Card Diary - Pretty journal artwork Card Diary – Pretty journal
Yuan Fu
Genre: Lifestyle
Release Date: October 12, 2017

Card Diary – Write your day on a card

For concise diary entries — from App Store [FEATURED]

Card Diary is a perfect place for you to think, feel, discover, remember, and dream. 

The age we're living in is overloaded with information. Sometimes it gets so noisy it's hard to hear your own voice. 

Journaling is all about taking a break, turning your attention inwards and listening to what is going on in your mind.


The concept behind Card Diary is simply to use cards to make your own diary. You can write one card for each day.

You can create up to 365 cards in a year, each designed as you choose. You can make a pretty diary even if you use only one picture or one line of text.

We believe that your every day is very meaningful. We hope that Card Diary will help motivate you to find meaning in every day.

Use cards to capture your memories and feelings, whether love, happiness, joy, sadness or pain.


This is a simple, clean diary app. You can set a background for each month, using a photo or choosing from 20 colors, 15 pastels and 5 monotones. 

Then make each day special by choosing between two types of card: photo or text-based.

Other features
– Search diary entries, set reminder notifications and lock your diary with Touch/Face ID
– Card Diary supports magic-like multi-device sync & backup. So your diaries will never be lost.
– Import and export functions. Have complete control over your precious memories.
– Every day card can be shared to Facebook, photos apps or anywhere you want.
– Support multi-style text: Insert Time stamp / Division / Quotes / Locations to your diary. Change font of Colour / Bold / Underline / Alignment etc.
– You can add emotion to your diary and also add your diary to Favourite list.
– We hope you can send us a drink in Card Diary. Developing this app kills all our spare time.

About us.
We are a South Korean designer and Chinese developer who have joined together to form a team called Rhythmical Studio. We love working together to bring you our ideas and apps.
As we’re a small team, we’d really appreciate your help with translations. Click ‘Help up to translate’ in Card Diary to help us. ^ ^
Send us an email if you have any problems:

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