CAOCAO – CAOCAO Mobility Paris

Caocao Platform automatically selects the most effective matching strategy built on the frontier technology of the Internet of Things and accurate big data computing to provide passengers with fast and convenient travel services. In case of an on-demand ride, a Caocao driver will pick you up quickly and bring you a fast and comfortable travel experience. In case of a booked ride, a Caocao driver will show up at the time specified by you on Caocao Platform.
Caocao has introduced the time-honoured LEVC training & certification system, the Knowledge of London, for the training of skilled drivers and provision of professional, safe and premium travel services to users.
Caocao Platform fully deploys new energy vehicles to go energy-saving and eco-friendly with no pollution on route.
Safe and reliable
Caocao uses TX from a time-honoured label which speaks quality and reliability;
The partition between driver cabin and passenger area guarantees passengers’ safety and privacy.
Caocao uses TX from a time-honoured label which speaks