Candy Factory Madness – Eugene Volos

Once upon a time, in the snowy town of Snowille, took a beginning of a sweet tradition, which soon turned to a candy mania!
Just for a few days in a year, a whole candy factory was opened for small boys and girls. That one frosty morning, you would see a whole crowd of impatient children who were gathering for one and clear purpose – to eat all the sweets!

How many children will you be able to feed with sweets in your own Candy Factory?

How to play:
1. Look attentively at these kids. What size are they?
2. Tap and hold to generate a suitable candy
3. Release in time to feed child
4. Challenge your friends to beat your record
5. Let’s the Candy Crush begin!


– Extremely Fun & Addicting
– Kind and positive atmosphere
– Easy fast action gameplay
– Different cool Characters