Buddy Spidy vs Robot – Syed Imran

Buddy Spidy vs Robot
Short description:
Join the Robot Fighting in Fantasy World with superhero Spidy.
“Buddy spidy vs robot is all about an amazing little spidy rescue mission in this fantasy world of robots. Join the super robot fighting to act like a little spider and defend the fantasy world from the evil robots with your amazing abilities of web & bubble shooting. Tell everyone who the superhero is.
The fight of the robot isn’t easy accordingly prepare yourself for the superhero robot fighting. You will have to touch on the island where they have taken your lady spidy and save her from them otherwise they will turn her into machine. Those evil robots seem to be trivial but they can turn your goosebumps up once they get hold of you or your girl.
Don’t take the robot battle light put your hundred percent. Amazing adventure is waiting for you. Explore the robot’s Gem Island that is full of treasures and different magical surprises by playing the “Baldi’s Buddy Spidy vs Robot”. These gems help you with your health and your attacking capacities. Be the amazing little spidy and rescue the lady spidy with your technical rescuing and amazing abilities of web and bubble shooting. In this spidy robot battle, you will get goosebumps by facing the challenges & lady rescue missions and with the increasing number of the enemies around the island your heeds will also increase to beat them and take hold of your girl.
Smash the super robots by hitting them badly. Try your supernatural fighting powers to save the fantasy world.
• Explore the Fantastic Spidy Island.
• Robot Fighting Missions.
• Survival Rescue Mode Theme.
• Startling 3D Graphics.
• Melodious Sound Effects.