Box Surprise: Dolls Boys – Kristina Syskina


Have you ever seen a dolls surprise toy eggs with cute boys inside? Well, now you will see something better. Our toy eggs now have shape of a box and contains boy dolls, clothes for them and many cool things like sprays, stickers, drinking bottle, balls or piano for your boy doll, so he will have some time to entertain himself and play the piano or enjoy some balls game. New eggs have shape of a box and awesome design, but it has the same mechanics as previous eggs. Open the box to earn boy doll and items for your new doll. No one knows which boy doll or another item you will earn from these toy box shaped eggs. Box Surprise: Dolls Boys will bring you a new collection of dolls.

From these shiny cute toy box shaped eggs, you may earn boy dolls, clothes for them, stickers, magical sprays, drinking bottles, balls or piano for your boy dolls. Let boys dolls play this piano or throw balls to spend some free time and entertain themselves. Each item will be stored and sorted at special storage toy box. Simulator saves everything you have earned from our dolls surprise toy box shaped eggs. Moreover, you do not have to pay at all for opening dolls surprise box shaped eggs, your inventory has endless amount of dolls surprise boxes, which means you can earn uncountable number of boy dolls. Change outlook of your dolls, play with them, let them play the piano or play with balls, which you can also find in our dolls surprise boxes.

Box Surprise: Dolls Boys is a free to play simulator of opening dolls surprise box shaped toy eggs. Earn the biggest collection of dolls surprise boys and their inventory. Gain every spray, sticker, drinking bottle, balls and piano in our new simulator. Play with your boy dolls, change their outfit or let them play the piano or have some balls game. This simulator is your best choice to spend some free time in a company of great boy dolls from new collection. Furthermore, you will definitely like graphics and new box shaped eggs design, it is just awesome. Download our free simulator and start opening dolls surprise boxes now! Boy dolls are waiting for you!