Boston Children’s Crisis Care – Boston Children’s Hospital

Produced by a clinical research team from Boston Children’s Hospital, CrisisCare gives adolescents and their parents/guardians access to a personalized crisis management plan, coping skills, and emergency resources. Adolescents and parents/guardians load the application with key contacts and emergency hotlines to support the users in a time of crisis.

This mobile health app, does not “give medical diagnoses or treatment advice”. Here are some additional relevant details:
• The app is not open to the public and only users invited by a care team have access to create an account.
• The app only provides a digital version of a patient’s discharge plan.
• The digital discharge plan contained within the app is established in the context of a Boston Children’s Hospital care team of psychiatry clinicians.
• CrisisCare is only available with permission by the providers at Boston Children’s Hospital, at point of discharge.
• When patients leave the hospital, the patients and families will have the ability to view various parts of their discharge care plan through the CrisisCare app.
• There is no algorithmic care advice of any kind.
• The application is not making recommendations of any kind. It is only a digital replication of a static care plan.