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BoomNation is built exclusively for the Blue-Collar worker in today’s booming industries including: Trucking, Industrial/PetroChemical, Manufacturing, Heavy Civil, Oil & Gas/Pipeline, Commercial and Power/Utility. Take control of your career, apply to the best jobs, promote your skills and connect with millions of other skilled workers. The easy-to-use mobile app helps in-demand, skilled workers upskill and reskill to advance your career. Get to work today!

How it works:
Create a profile
Connect with job opportunities
Advance your career

• Search for location-based job opportunities
• Filter your job search by location, industry, trade, pay and per diem
• Get your best matched jobs instantly as they are posted
• Receive skilled worker insights and information through the newsfeed
• Connect with fellow skilled workers
• Customize your BoomNation profile and account to find work, upskill and market yourself
• Create a dynamic profile that includes past experiences, education, certifications and portfolio gallery

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Questions, comments, feedback? We’d be honored to hear from you about how to make the BoomNation app better! – The BoomNation Team