Boo Boo Magic – Jade Goldberg

Stop your little one from crying from pain of minor boo boo.

Choose your boo boo character then Simply place device on minor boo boo and listen to countdown… it’s Boo Boo Magic.

Todays world, many children use applications for a variety of purposes.

One day my child of 4 years old had a minor bump/bruise from playing on a jungle gym. I used the compass on the iPhone and told her that this app will make her feel better. It worked like a charm and stopped her from crying. Since then I have used this on other children and it also worked at a 100% success rate.

Obviously this will only be used for minor incidents.

This gave me the idea for the boo boo app as a realistic option for parents in addressing such instances and calm the child down as most of the cause for the child being upset is psychological.