Blockasaurus Call Blocker – Leads Group, Inc.

Blockasaurus Spam Call Blocker helps you identify and block telemarketers, spam callers, and fraudsters.

Block spam calls, identify telemarketers, and add your own unwanted phone numbers to a personal block list.

Blockasaurus uses a massive, ever growing database of millions of phone numbers to block calls you want to avoid.

We ask that you help us in this large task to eliminate these spam callers to ensure the best daily experience

Make annoying phone calls extinct with Blockasaurus!


Caller ID – Identify who is calling more accurately, even when you don’t know the number.

Call & Spam Blocker – Choose how incoming calls are handled. Real time protection lets you send calls direct to voicemail or block them entirely.

Added Security – Automatically get alerts for spam and telemarketing calls protecting you from compromising your personal data.

Daily Updates – We identify and block hundreds of new phone numbers daily.