Blind Bag Surprise 2 – Simon Turner

Blind Bag Surprise 2 brings even more blind bag prizes than ever before!

Blind Bag Surprise 2 a toy collecting game where you get to unbox as many bling bags as you wish, where ever, whenever you like. No need to travel to your local supermarket or grocery store or use vending machines to get your blind bags no more.

What you get is a total mystery until you unbox it! What will you find in your lucky capsule bag, can you Collect them all!!

All new 6 different Blind Bags including, Cute animal dolls, lol surprise emoji key-rings, Superhero squishy figures, and gooey toxic slimes.

Blind Bag Surprise 2 is part of the Surprise series including the toy egg surprise games.

Blind Bag Surprise 2 is totally free and is a great game for kids of all ages!