Bleep Bloop: Reflex training – Tom Nahooy

An exciting race against a horde of… Colorful Bubbles! This fun and addictive game tests your reflexes and lets you compete to reach the top of the leaderboards! How long can you last before the board fills?

Use bombs to blow up all dots in one color or tap the hourglass to slow down time!

Play every day to get slower start-up speed and conquer the leaderboards!

Use special combos to play like a pro. Can you figure them out?

This casual bubble popping game is a combination of action and puzzle. As the dots pop up faster it gets harder to keep up. Use bombs and time tiles to slow down time and keep pushing your high score!

One of the best free casual games to kill time or have fun on your daily commute.


* Tests and trains your reflexes
* Colorful Retro Graphics
* Easy one-tap control
* Adorable sound design with music notes as feedback
* Fast paced action
* Cool combo moves to discover
* Tests and trains your eye-hand coordination
* Exciting daily rewards
* Tons of fun!
* Cool bonuses to win at the bonus wheel!