Black Panther Hunting 3D Game Pro – Umair Javed


Become a Wild Panther and experience the realistic jungle simulation in game “Black Panther Hunting 3D Game Pro”.
Survive the jungle as long as you can. Become the killing prey by hunting other wild animals.
Live the life of the wild animal and fight for survival with every animal your meet or run away to plan a sneak attack later. It is not easy to survive in the dark corners of the jungle.
You must stay alert and super active, develop strategies and complete the quests.
– Massive forest to explore and hunt around for food and other items.
– Choose from a variety of panthers. Earn coins to unlock more vicious panthers.
– Complete the quests to get more powerful and become the ultimate panther of the jungle
– Get rock solid armors for longer survivability in the jungle
– Use health packs to regenerate health when in danger

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