Black Magic Spell – Masum Islam

First, let me tell you what is magic?

Magic is something that you manifest your imagination into energy and use this energy to do anything that you want. But in this process, you need some items and a spell in some cases you do not need anything to perform magic.

In this grimoire, You will find all types of spells and guidance to cast a spell and perform a ritual.

All spells are divided into various categories.

In this spellbook has more than 200 spells and New spell added every day to this Grimoire.

All this spell in this Grimoire has been collected from various witches’ spellbooks, Necromancy book, Wicca spellbook, and some of the spells from the very dark magic grimoire.

Whatever you want to do with magic you will find the right spell here you just have to download and install spellbook


All those spells are real and working so do not joke about all those spells and magic is a very sensitive thing and its power beyond our understanding so please do not take it so lightly.

Please use all spells at your own risk. My app and I won’t take any responsibility for anything.

Thank you.