Binaural Zen Meditation Pro – Joy Tharmapalan


The same Binaural Beats Zen Meditation you already know but with the Pro version you get access to over 60+ binaural beats and an ad free experience!

Binaural Zen Meditation Pro plays binaural beats whilst you meditate to help you achieve focus and serenity.

Binaural beats is an auditory illusion heard when beats with differing frequencies are heard by each ear at the same time. Binaural beats are claimed by people to help put them in a meditative/ trance like state that allows them to focus/ study/ sleep/ meditate more effectively.

Features include:

⁃ 60+ Different binaural beats
⁃ Including alpha, beta, gamma and theta frequencies
⁃ Pro version also has Sigma, SMR, and Mu Frequencies
⁃ Simple and sleek single page design
⁃ Mood lighting that helps with the binaural beats effect