Billiyo Clinical – GADiiD


This easy to use point-of-care iPad application help clinicians complete clinical documentation for patients. Clinicians can view, add & update all records related to patient clinical information.

Key features:
– Document visit and submit timesheet
– Add, modify or view Care plan & Client Medications
– Intuitive document completion with Electronic Signature
– Availability & Incident Reporting
– Complete supervisory visits & care taker evaluations
– Two-way Communication & document sharing with the office
– Electronic Visit Verification

About Billiyo Clinical

Billiyo is a home health technology company, providing a complete suite of software solutions that tie together medical billing, charting, scheduling, time sheet, clinical documentation, real-time communication and automation, empowering home healthcare providers with management and operational solutions to make lives thrive.

Our mission
Billiyo empowers home healthcare providers with the management and operational support they
need to make lives thrive.

The Billiyo vision

We envision a world where health care providers have the technology they need to care for
patients where they want to be; in the comfort and dignity of their own homes.