Benicarló en Falles – Joan Velilla Torres

This is the application of the failures of Benicarló

In the application you can see:

* Agenda Programming of faults: Location and schedule of events, share them, view images, detailed descriptions

* Maps of faults, Ninot and Offering

* Fallas and Faller @ s: Images large and children’s monument, artists, slogans, how to get, websites

* Shops in the city by categories:
  – Where to eat
  – Where to sleep
  – Leisure Places
  – Real estate, home and decoration
  – Sports and Health
  – Shopping
  – Food
  – Hairdressing and aesthetics
  – Night life
  – Automotive
  – Audiovisual, local press and advertising
  – Administrative services
  – General services

* Menus failures and OFFERS of the companies of the city
  – By categories and searches for today, tomorrow, weekend, this week or at any time

* Other events in Benicarló: Whether sports, leisure, competitions, theater, party, etc.

* Failure news and utilities
   – APP info – Advertise your business, facebook, instagram, web
   – News
   – Public transport
   – How to get
   – Free parking
   – Social networks
      + Facebook
      + Instagram
      + Twitter
      + Vimeo
   – Meteorology
   – Pharmacies on duty
   – Emergency numbers
      + All emergencies, Police, Civil Guard, firefighters, medical emergency, gender violence, general traffic, VISA card cancellation

* Tickets to concerts or shows
  – List of links for online ticket purchase

* Link to download APP Benicarló SmartCity

– It is configured in 5 languages:
 + Spanish
 + Valencian
 + English
 + French
 + German