Behavior Diary – Skycap

Behaviour app is the first of its kind where you experience joy in exchanging feelings in a new exciting manner with loved ones through behavioural characters.

Convey your feelings by tapping on a collection of behaviour characters in the form of emojis. Keep a close watch on your partner’s behaviour with our application. Make lively connections with each other through, feedback and corrective steps. Study the rise and fall in behaviour with pie charts, bar chart and trend chart. Track behaviour change for a certain time period of your choice, be a month or a week.

Exchange feelings in a new exciting way like never before.
Keep a tab on your loved one’s behavioural action from time to time.
Enhanced unique experiences to brew your relationships.
Utilize a vast range of behavioural characters to play around.


– Register in the application using phone number and name.
– Invite your loved ones to the application with a simple request.
– Get started by choosing from a vast list of predefined behavioural characters to express happiness, sad, rude, angry, loving, careless.
– Tap on a behaviour emoji and let your loved ones know how you feel about their actions.
– Trace behaviour change using powerful graphs.