Beasty Animal – Fox Simulator 3D – Umair Javed


Your dream of becoming a fox has come true. Play as a wild fox and hunt down animals or navigate freely through jungle. Attack other wild creatures and make them your prey.
You can control the fox by a joypad on screen and attack or jump with the buttons. Walk around or run as you like. You can switch between camera views for a better view.
Feel the real world environment and experience the life of a fox in this action packed fun simulator game. The jungle is huge which is why you must always keep an eye on the mini map. Objectives and target locations are also highlighted on the mini map.
Collect various items, hunt other animals and complete missions to level up.
Upgrade your wild fox to the most powerful beast in the jungle. Earn coins to unlock special items.
Health packs refill health and can be used when low and in danger.
Armor gives extra protection and durability in the jungle.
Unlock more foxes for more power pack action.
Beasty Fox on Hunt!
Survive and Battle in the harsh wilderness of the frozen arctic!
Hunt down the prey!
Leap and Pounce on the enemy!
Ads Free!
Optimized Size!

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