Be-be-bears: Painting for kids – Интерактивный Мульт


Pencils or paints? Choose free mode or use animation? Unleash your creative potential with “Be-Be-Bears: Painting for kids”!

“Be-Be-Bears: Painting for kids” – is an educational app kids can use to create their first masterpiece and don’t get messy 🙂

In the Free Mode using all kinds of brushes, paints and effects, one can become a true painter.

Or feel like a real magician in the Interactive Stories Mode: paint incredible little scenes and watch your favourite characters become alive with every brush stroke.

We have prepared 13 wonderful colorings with characters and fragments from the cartoon, which can be used as cutouts for the “Free Mode”. And of course you can print all of your works.

Apple Pencil users will be pleased to see how friendly the interface is to the pencil’s touch – under a different pressing force there is a huge palette of paints and colors!

IMPORTANT! App doesn’t support iPhone 4S, iPad Mini and earlier generations of devices.