“BASIC” programming language – Mister Kibernetik

This is a major rewrite of the “smart BASIC” programming language.

Smart BASIC is an extension of the popular BASIC programming language.
With Smart BASIC you can create your own programs right on your iOS device.

The Smart BASIC programming language has many powerful features.

– buttons, text boxes, sliders, switches, browsers
– pages for grouping your interface objects
– support for additional TTF fonts
– clipboard support
– multitouch up to 11 simultaneous touches

– advanced graphics functions
– animated sprites, sprite sheet support

– play MP3, AIFF, WAV, MIDI, MOV and MP4 files
– programmable MIDI synthesizer with 128 built-in instruments
– support for additional sound fonts SF2 and DLS
– speech synthesizer

HARDWARE support:
– GPS, compass
– accelerometer
– photo and video recording

and more:
– files
– networking
– integrated mathematics of complex numbers
– customizable IDE
– built-in documentation
– ready-to-use examples of programs

Smart BASIC programs can be published to the App Store as standalone apps using the Smart BASIC SDK for Xcode.

Since this is a remake of the previous popular “smart BASIC” app, many fixes and improvements have been made, and Dropbox support has been removed.

Visit the support forum to get assistance and to share your BASIC programs with other users.