Baratta Media Group – Baratta Media Group LLC.

The BMG App is an Media Company app that contains a online internet radio station called HeroesNation radio which was developed and created by BMG from Deign to Delivery… it will stream not only radio variety talk shows of Military Stories & Rescue / Emergency / Humanitarian Aid from Active Duty to Veterans, Fire Department, Police, Disaster Emergency Relief & Medical First Responders – but music as well – Jazz, Rock, Country Rock, Classic Rock, 70s, 80s, and 90s.
Also included in the app is another button Created by BMG which displays an online streaming Television called Heroes Nation – Military content is designed for our heroes that are still serving or are now veterans,, it is a channel that they call their own.
Another button attached is the BMG Baratta Media Group ( a Media Content design & implementation of media content for clients) information and content about the media company Baratta Media Group LLC.