Bank Robbery: Hostage Rescue – Ali Rashed


Rescue innocent captives who have been held by bank robbers in all the new Mafia heist! Bank robbery is our latest introduction to crime games and hostage rescue games. Police has lost control over these sneaky robbers as incidents of theft and looting are increasing as time passes by. Police has finally decided to take action against these hostile gangsters by give control to the most talked about super rescue heroes in this finest of superhero games. It’s now time for these city heroes to come in action and use their modernistic weaponry and classic fighting techniques to bring down criminals in this premium of fighting and shooting games. City is becoming a crime station so you being a rescue super hero shall take control of the situation and stop it before it gets any worse in this best of Bank robbery games 3d. Start the hunt as soon as you are notified about the heist, criminals are here to Rob the bank by making customers their hostages. Select your favorite Super rescue hero for the Superhero squad and plunge into the bank which has taken shape of a battlefield. Grab your rifle and start the rescue mission by taking out gangsters who are looting bank in this finest of shooting games with gun. Shooting robbers is the only way to save innocent civilians who have been kept as hostages. Do not let these gangsters escape as they would have an emergency escape plan, keep chasing them until you bring them down. Finish all criminals and prevail peace back in city streets in this outstanding super hero fighter game. Guys! Download and Play this intense “Bank Robbery: Hostage Rescue ” and enjoy the most thrilling bank robbery game which will truly satisfy your urge for the best s Rescue hero mission experience.

*Gameplay Features*

• Unique 20 levels for fans of Criminal robbery hostage rescue games.
• Thrilling sound effects for the lovers of superhero fighting games.
• Smooth controls for precise shooting and easy aiming
• High quality 3D graphics