Bank Manager Simulator Game 2 – Ateeq Masaud


Play as a customer instead of bank manager in bank of America city bank. Being a citizen you have to manage your bank accounts and all other bank related works. Start your day by going to the bank and carry out all your bank work! Manage bank account and transaction, includes each and every bank duties. This bank manager game is a blend of 2D & 3D games both at the same time. Improve your time management skills with this game. Make kids learn ATM machine usage for ATM balance inquire, bank account opening and usage of safe to excess money in bank games new

You might have played bank manager games before in 2D. For very first time play Manager 3D. Playing this cashier game will help you to learn the art of client to apply for car financing with cashier & gain mathematical skills too. Handle all bank requirements, bank games new cash registers are all involved with cash problems cashier mortgage issues & Become a smart


10 exciting bank customer levels.
Realistic ATM balance inquire usage
Awesome Bank cashier environment
Cash Deposits & Bill Payment
Car finance applying forum & amount transfer
Superb graphics, soothing sound effects
Learn time cashier management skills
Bank Manager and cashier games

Download and play Atm Simulator game which is the best bank manager customer games. Do give us your reviews what you feel about our game.