Ball Struggle In Galaxy – roshan khunt


Ball Struggle In Galaxy is the Space Adventures Game.
Happy Run & overcome increasing challenges to reach new highs and scores.
Ball Struggle In Galaxy is a highly addictive, one Finger, space disco, skill timing game!
Elegant and simple finger-runner. Just keep your finger on the ball(Bubble), stay inside the Galaxy 3D Tunnel and walk through randomly generated maze. Don’t step into obstacles or traps and run as far as you can.
Play under pressure in the Challenge, in which you only get one chance!
It is an abstract ‘zen’ game experience.

This infinite runner game of Galaxy will give you an adrenaline boost as you travel with him over the galaxy. In this infinite runner game collect as many coins as you can and have fun. Run, slow, Swipe Up,Swipe Down,Tap,Dash and cliff with Finger in open sky.