Baba Nahm – Best of Bees

Order your Baba Nahm Favorites from your phone or your computer. Baba Nahm (pronounced like “ba ba” black sheep mixed with“nam,” as in nom nom I’m hungry!) is a fun, Middle Eastern, quick-trip food place with vibrant, healthy salads, falafel, and spit-roasted lamb and chicken — lots of Mediterranean goodness!

The “lightening fast” food we serve is full of fresh, local ingredients and lots of flavor — truly representing MiddleEastern culture while keeping things as healthy as possible. Our eccentric, colorful space is a little mid-workday (or any time of day!) jolt of energy and happiness.

Our food-loving team decided to embark on this new food venture together, because we share a deep desire to bring something creatively different to downtown Asheville — a craving to energize food, bringing the bustle of a market place and the noise of society and family (the history, the experience, and the people) — back into mealtime.