AXCL – Richard Kriss


The application will help you find your driver for your daily needs, you open the application indicating where you need to lodge a car, how many hours do you want to rent a driver, and get a ride with AXCL.

5 Reasons why this is the best service for you:

1. Do not need to know your address
The app will detect your location and address through GPS and offer to pick your up

2. Take a taxi easy
Forget about the difficulties that can arise when communicating with the operator!
take the taxi comfortably, even when doing it on the phone is simply uncomfortable.

3. Make trips simply
Choose addresses on the map, build driving directions by several points, easily change addresses between each other

4. Displaying a car on the map
Tracking the movement of the machine on the map online. You can watch the driver drive to you.

5. Comfortable trips to the airport and from the airport
Order a car with payment by the hour and you will be on time and comfortably delivered to your destination