With a mission to empower you to be in control over your health, AXA Onehealth provides the best quality of care through its Digital Health Products and Medical Centers.
AXA OneHealth is a subsidiary of AXA currently operating in Egypt and providing its services to everyone; whether insured by AXA or not. Our aim at AXA Onehealth is simplifying the complex and overwhelming healthcare journey by combining different key services usually provided in a fragmented way and redesigning a better journey while building on our service 6 pillars; Quality, Empowerment, Wellness, Hassle-Free, Digitally-Enabled, Worry-Free.
AXA OneHealth is integrated with HealthKit to track and collect your steps and fitness data and provide visual analytics.
Book an appointment with a doctor in one of AXA OneHealth medical centers
You can book a consultation with one of our doctors in different specialties: Family medicine, Cardiology, Chest, Dentistry, Dermatology, Eat Nose and Throat, General Surgery, Internal Medicine and Gastrology, Gynecology and Obstetrics, Neurology, Orthopedics, Pediatrics, Rheumatology, Physiotherapy, Psychiatry. Our Medical centers will cover multiple key areas in Greater Cairo, Egypt: Currently in Downtown, New Cairo in addition to North Coast. New locations are coming soon.

Talk to a specialist doctor online

Save your time and book an online consultation with our top-notch specialists and consultants. Talk to them through a video call on your app. Our doctors are trained to provide the best quality of service through remote consultations. Visit the medical center only when you really need to.

Consult a doctor immediately
24×7 you can talk to a top-quality family doctor. Our Family doctors are trained to give the best treatment advice based on their deep medical knowledge in primary care. Also, they may refer you to the right specialty according to your case.

Order medications to home or work

In a very simple way, snapshot your prescription and we will deliver your medications to you wherever you are.

Access the OneHealth Pod
AXA OneHealth Pod is a device that enables you to talk to your doctor and measure vital signs through IoT devices. The Pod is available in our clinics and in public places. The Pod design ensures max privacy by only accessing it through your verified account on app and by dimming the glass of the pod once the consultation starts through IoT technology.

Read health and wellness articles
Our Health and Wellness articles are carefully curated from multiple credible sources in order to provide the best advice to you based on your reading preferences and medical history.

View your medical records (soon)
We believe that accessing your medical records is your right and it’s a necessity for your empowerment. through the app, you will be able to check all the medical data from your encounters with our doctors and you can share it with other doctors outside our network.

Get medication, appointments and measurement reminders
The app will always remind you of your coming up important events like meeting your doctor, taking your medication or a measurement. you can always disable reminders or add new ones of your own.

Contact AXA Onehealth customer service
Get in touch with AXA Onehealth friendly support team anytime through the app if you need help with your bookings, app configuration or any other issue.

Check AXA insurance network of providers near you
Check AXA insurance network on a map view to see the nearest providers such as clinics, medical centers, hospitals, pharmacies, labs, and radiology centers.

Download a copy of your data
Your data is your property, you can download a copy of it any time.