Avos Open Mic – Jason Rogers


All performing styles are allowed and anything legal is in bounds, anyone wanting to really push the bounds may be asked to perform a later time slot when children and other people with delicate sensibilities are less likely to be in the audience.

Acts which do not involve performing music as the main element may be subject to shorter time slots.

Bring your own instruments and anything else needed for your power supply needs. No Instruments are provided. Microphones and sound cables are available on stage. Please check with the sound person working that night. Drum kits and complicated setups may not be possible as the set times tend to be shorter than most open mics because there are more people wanting to play than most open mics.

Covers are fine, originals strongly encouraged
Most commonly heard covers – Folsom Prison Blues, House Of The Rising Sun, Badfish, Wagonwheel, Jolene

Your Instrument Can Be
Mic’d, (usually only if your instrument does not have a ¼ inch jack)
“Pick-Up” in your acoustic guitar
Plugged into an amp (which is then mic’d or not depending on what is needed
Plugged into the P.A. directly using a “D.I.” box
Some instruments may not require any amplification