Avocado Supplier – Khalid Al Sharif

This complete package is a bridge, convenience, and relief between Supplier and Restaurant. Through this package, it will be easier for both sides to interact, co-ordinate, better understand, and keep a record of dealings among each other. Suppliers will have a clear tangible idea about the demand for their products and through location map they will have the exact idea of its demanding areas. On the other hand, Restaurants will have the ease and access to order their desired products while having a better idea of available suppliers, keeping in view the additional aspects of their product quality and price comparison. The Supplier Registration process is a priority attention feature, considering the security, and safety aspect, this deliberately takes time and after a thorough inspection and clearance access is granted to a supplier. This will persuade both suppliers and restaurants to keep confidence in this application and its reliability. Avocado can also show delivery status of purchase item with the help of notification whether it is in “In progress state” or “complete state”. One restaurant can order not only against one supplier but also to multiple suppliers. Suppliers can also disable any product when it is out of stock. This App will be very beneficial for restaurants and suppliers for the business point of view.


Restaurant can view category list on home page.
-User can search product of any supplier.
-User can add any product in their Wish list for any order in future.
-User can see their order status from “My orders” in side bar menu.
-In case when Supplier/Restaurant need any kind of help/information, they can submit their query in Help center
-User can add multiple supplier’s product in to his cart and can place his order by giving his location.
-User can also rate supplier based on his experience
-Like wise suppliers can also deal with multiple orders.
-Supplier will be able to Enable/Disable/Delete any product according to the stock available