Aviapp – Huvepharma


Aviapp® is a new, innovative cloud based platform from Huvepharma®, allowing follow-up and monitoring. Aviapp® helps you to improve the health status, welfare and performance of your animals. Aviapp® allows all concerned persons to enter, analyze and compare all the data (health & performance). Access can be requested from your local Huvepharma contact or representative.

1. Data entry – fast and easy
– 47 Health parameters with build in illustration
– Performance data, including; mortality, daily growth, FCR, … .
– multiple users
2. Instant information available
– Average score
– % prevalence
– Overview per flock per day
3. Compare and make decisions
– Health and performance data
– different complexes in your business
– Benchmark yourself with the industry

For who?
– Broiler integrations
– Poultry veterinarians
– Anyone interested in following up broiler health and performance