Avatar Maker: Pony 2 – EDUARD ZABOROVSKIY


Create your own cute pony with our maker!
In our game you can easily set up a variety of parts of its wonderful character: clothing, horn, wings, mane, makeup, hairstyle, eye shape, and much more. Moreover, we do not limit you. In the constructor, you can draw a pegasus winged dragonfly or a unicorn horns of a deer… Or put on alicorn skates and send him into the mountains.
* More than 10,000 variants of different characters
* Ability to save images in the gallery
* Flexible color character
* Female and male characters
* Addition to the wardrobe, there are many magical accessories
Having to your liking, you can save it and share with your friends; installed on the desktop background or avatar. Be creative comic books, anime, manga, and create their own fairy tales! *^_^*