Avanti Parshwanath – Aniket Jain


Shri Avanti Parshwanath – श्री अवंती पार्श्वनाथ

King of Ujjain Shri Chandra Pradyot has constructed the idol of Prabhu Veer during the reign of Charam Teerthankar Bhagwan Mahaveer. Later on, the idol was possesed by King Samprati. Arya Suhasti Suriji use to visit this place for worshipping this idol. He had oreached King Samprati, Avanti Sukumal, Mahakal and others here. During the time scale Shashan prabhavak Acharya Chandra Rudra, Arya Rakshati Suri, Shri Chandragupt, Arya Ashadh & many other religious saints have done many religious work while their stay at this place. In the later days, it was ruled by the Shaiv rulers. It was the scholar of the court of King Vikramaditya, Acharya Shri Sidhasen Diwakar, who created Shri Kalyan Mandir Strotra in front of King Vikramaditya due to the effect of which this idol of Prabhu Veer emerged form the Jyotirling of of the temple. This lead to the re-establishment of Jainism in the reign of King Vikramaditya. Acharya Shri Mantung Suriji has created an miracle with the help of creating Bhaktamar Strotra at this place and established the power of Jainism in 7th century of Vikram Samvat. During 11th century of Vikram Samvat, it was ruled by the knowledge praiser Parmar King Shri Bhoj (famous as Raja Bhoj in the history). Shri Shanti Suriji defeated 84 contastant Acharyas in the court of King Bhoj and was welcomed by all. All these events have helped in building the image of Jainism.

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