Aurora Sleep Music – Digital Chorus Limitd

Aurora: made with kindness.

We are new and excited to launch with you in mind, so please let us know what you think and how we can improve. We promise not to get in the way of your sleep, so there is no sign up or advertisements.

Our mission is to improve mental wellness and sleep disorders with an inspiring relaxation, meditation and sleep music experience. All our compositions are original and feature authentic instruments and sounds that you can adjust to your ear or mood.

** A completely personal experience **

Choose a song from our gallery, adjust the soundscape and instruments, and blend in any additional sounds that create the vibe you need – from crickets to ocean waves!

Select how long you want the track to play and when to fade the music out without disturbing your sleep.

No need to worry about data with our built-in wi-fi and download management.

Is white, pink, brown noise more your thing? We’ve crafted a special track of colour frequencies which we are finding helpful for tension headaches and tinnitus.

We have loads of free music for you to enjoy and we promise to never pressure you into paying for content unless you truly want it.

Our gallery will be small as we get underway, but from January we will be launching new songs every week. Some will be in our paid tier as we need to make a living!

Our goal is to help you get a good night’s sleep, or as close to that as possible, so we want to hear what you think! Contact us at

We are on a mission to let everyone sleep, rest, meditate their way.

Aurora: made with kindness.