Atos OneLoyalty – Atos SA


Atos OneLoyalty, Mobile Platform to Encourage Customer Centric Culture

Atos OneLoyalty brings all relevant data into a unified view. It is an analytical engine to draw trends and trigger alerts for Atos attention. With key dashboards & reports at your fingertips, the tool aims to manage customer feedback proactively and to help Atos focus on partnering with their customer’s businesses.
With OneLoyalty, Atos gains a holistic view, with an intuitive single view interface, regardless of where the shown data resides. It means that wherever you are, you’ll have a view of centralized data and, most importantly, be able to act on that information faster than ever — giving you more control over your business.

– Strategical and Tactical Survey & CSAT Management
– Financial Data Trends & Analytics
– Pipeline Monitoring
– Predictive Analytics

– Live Data & Notification
– Smart Dashboards
– Increased Engagement with Customers
– Stella User Experience