ASPManager – steve raaen

This app is for people trying to park for free in New York City.

One can park on most streets (not avenues) indefinitely, but we must move our vehicle for 30 – 90 minutes once or more times each week. This is so the Street Sweepers can get through.

ASPManager helps manage the process. It uses geolocation to show you which streets are being swept today, color coding them by morning or afternoon. It also enables you to save the location of of your vehicle as well as the time and day it must be moved.

The time, date and location of the vehicle may be saved to the your device’s native iOS calendar.

The app accounts for holidays, when Street Sweepers are off and Alternate Side Parking rules are suspended, and includes the entire 2019 Suspension Calendar, which may also be exported to your native calendar.

ASP Manager does not require user authentication and it does not collect any of your data.