AskWithFun – Chun Lau

AskWithFun is designed to make asking and answering questions in a fun way. It has 5 major sections, namely, My Profile, My Question, New Question, My answer and Find questions to answer.

One of the highlighted great features of AskWithFun is the way how users can create and answer questions. There is a board with unlimited space for users to add images, text, shapes, free-hand drawings to create and answer questions. Users just use 1 finger or at most 2 fingers to manipulate the objects and view on the board, e.g. add objects, rotate objects, group objects. To enhance the effectiveness of elaboration and understanding, users can start screen recording with audio narration while drawing on the board.

AskWithFun is an easy-to-use and handy tool to ask and answer questions without time and geographical boundary.