Army Truck Cargo Drive Game – Hamid Mehmood


This is the army truck driver game 3D. Journey begins from an army basecamp. Get ready for a soul-stirring military adventure. It is an army truck 3D game. Army truck game is here. You have your truck hill climber. Go on the army truck racing. Military commanders are ready for battlefield. Army truck simulator is ready. You are an army truck driver. Be a part of this battle and become a hero of military commandos your duty is to drive a big 4×4 real truck throughout the town and pick military commandos from their camps and drop them to battlefield.
This Drive Real Army Truck game is designed in a new exciting, challenging and amazing environments. This addictive army truck game is a furious 3D challenging driving in a hilly, jungle and mountain area. Complete the missions in time and reach at the finishing check post and become a professional expert army cargo duty truck driver. These army truck games require off road driving experience, expert fast truck driving and parking skills as a commando driver with real time accuracy. Get ready for an adventurous journey by driving army trucks or army vehicles.Your journey is started from army base camp where you are a duty driver of a military check post truck.
This Drive Real Army Truck game challenging duty drive, different obstacles, hurdles, limited time and difficult off road tracks are the main task for a commando officer expert driver. Show your professional driving abilities, transport duty military soldiers, deliver army goods, army tanks, army missiles and army heavy cargo vehicles from a desired base camp to the main army check post camp. Brave soldiers are ready for a surgical war against enemy and their luggage is ready to deliver mountain battlefield area.
In this Drive Real Army Truck game help your military commandos and other army soldiers in their patriotic mission by dropping them at desired military check post. Your duty is started when you will start your cargo truck engine. Increase the speed of your off-road Drive Real Army Truck and get ready for a thrilling drives around tricky off-road mountain and forest track. This game is very difficult and amazing from the other army truck driving simulator 3d games.
Driving Drive Real Army Truck through the mountain and hilly area is not an easy job but it risks too much to drive in hills and mountains.But we believe that being a soldier you know what are your duties and responsibilities.You have to defend your country and your land because it is your mother which gives you love and feed you. This Drive Real Army Truck simulator drive game is one of the best army truck driving games. Being a professional commando expert driver you have to show your driving and parking skills.
In beginning of this game military commandos are waiting of you in a small town. So gear up military 4×4 truck, tap speed, pick commandos and drop them to battlefield at extreme speed. This Drive Army Truck Check Post is best of the army truck games. Be the best army trucker. Best of the army truck driving games. Army truck parking is there. You are an armed trucker. Go for a military truck racing. You have your armed truck.