ARIA’s 3D Coloring World – Odyssey Marketing Corp.


Aria’s 3D Coloring World is an interactive educational app using the latest Augmented Reality technologies, bringing modern-day and prehistoric animals to life inside your very own home!

Aria’s 3D Coloring World consists of a set of unique animal books which you can explore in both Augmented Reality; this is accomplished by scanning the book page with your smartphone/tablet camera. You will see each animal in 3D and animated; you can here it roaring, learn new information about it, and play exciting puzzles.

Aria’s 3D Coloring World features:

• Three books: Animals Book, Dinosaurs Books, and Fishes book. Each book contains ten coloring pages, 10 different animals cards, and 10 puzzles.

• Listen to each animal’s unique sound.

• Learn new animal’s name.

• Click the information button to hear some interesting fact about the animals.

• Take a photo with your favorite animal and share it with your friends.

• Have fun with more than three different puzzles about animals.

Note: please download the markers from the link below to be able to play the game.